本文摘要:When I was very small, I lived in my hometown, which was a beautiful countryside. I had a good memory there. The green trees and the blue sky brought me great comfort. When I walked along the road, I could see so many birds flying in the s


When I was very small, I lived in my hometown, which was a beautiful countryside. I had a good memory there. The green trees and the blue sky brought me great comfort. When I walked along the road, I could see so many birds flying in the sky. But when I moved to the city, there were all buildings around me. I barely saw birds in the sky. I had less chance to close to nature. In the future, more children will be born and live in the big cities, who don't have much chances to appreciate the beauty of nature. What a pity. The worse situation happens in the countryside is the pollution. The river is no longer clean and the rubbish can be seen everywhere. We are hurting the environment. If we don't protect the nature, then we are hurting ourselves.



China has the history of more than 5,000 years. Many foreign people are attracted by this big old country. They come here and want to know about the traditional culture. However, Chinese young people don't show much interest in the old culture, instead they chase the fashion and some even abandon the precious culture. For example, paper cutting, one of the excellent arts that is inherited by our ancestors. Many foreign media speak highly of this great handicraft and they are astonished by the wisdom of Chinese people. I have seen this art when I stay in my hometown. Only few old people can do it. They just take it for killing time. Paper cutting is like the old fashion and is forgotten by the young generation. The media should report more positive information about the traditional culture to inspire the young people to learn.


Spring Festival is the biggest day for Chinese people, before it comes, usually, all the family members will get together, doing the house cleaning work, which means to start the new year with good beginning. I love doing the house work with my families, which is a happy moment for me. When I clean every corner, I always can find something that has missed before. The moment I find it, I am very excited and just like a big surprise. My parents will decorate the house with buying new curtain and changing indoor style. After finishing the job, the house looks completely new, which makes us have a good mood. My parents and I have good communication during the cleaning time. We talk about the passed days and laugh happily, and look forward to the new year.



When I go to high school, our school has the rule to ask students to live in the dormitory. Most students live with their parents before, so we all feel excited and afraid of the group life. Luckily, I have three nice roommates. Soon we become close friends. Living with others, we learn to do the house work, such as everyone needs take turn to clean the floor, when we have something good to eat, we will share with each other. The group life makes us have less private space, but we enjoy the moment when we have the little talk before sleep, the secrets that we don't want our parents know can talk to these girls. What's more, I become much independent. I learn to take care of myself and have really grown up.


Last week, the teacher gave us a task to write a paper about the old China. I made up the group with another three classmates. As we did not have much information, we decided to take a short trip to visit the famous museum. It took us two hours to reach the city. When we arrived the museum, we saw the big statue of Deng Xiaoping, and his great image made us admire him immediately. There were so many statues and pictures of great persons, who fought for the new China and made what we are today. Their stories were so touching. When facing emergent situation, they chose to sacrifice themselves. After visiting the museum, I learned a lot and had enough materials. This trip was so amazing, I knew what we have today came not easy, so we needed to cherish the life we had.





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